7-toppstur: info in English 

Foto: Geir Antonsen

You don`t have to speak Norwegian to visit the mountains!

Welcome to Bodømarka! 

Our beautiful mountains in Bodø is waiting for you!
Welcome to join us in the great nature together with lots of other citizens of Salten. Perfect opportunity to get to know hiking routes, and to feel the joy of being outdoors.

Foto: Elin B. Johannessen
Which route do you choose?

Safe routes marked from start to finish, meet our guides on all the tops.
Choose to start from Rønvik skole or Bodin VGS.

3-toppstur west from Rønvik skole
over Linken, Keiservarden and Ramnflåget, and then back to Rønvik.
10,4 km.

3-toppstur east from Bodin vgs. over Hunstadtoppen, Junkerfjellet and Vanntårnet, and then back to Bodin.
10,3 km.

7-toppstur from Bodin vgs or Rønvik skole, all the tops above plus Løpsfjellet. 24,2 km.

Easier route: 4,8 km on road only from Bodin VGS. Perfect for strollers, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, leading dogs or just for those who`d like an easier route. Feel free to attend joint start at 10:00.
Start 7-toppsturen between 08:00 – 10:00. 3-toppstur between 08:00 – 13:00.
Everyone has to finish before 19:00.

Guided tour
Walk with tour guide from Rønvik skole. Start at 10:00, ask for the guided tour.
Call Bjørnar at 970 92 736 for more information.

Free gifts and possibility to win lots of cool prices. Everyone gets a t-shirt when they finish. Join us for a day with music, happy people and lots of healthy nature!

Registration at www.bot.no before 2nd of June at midnight;
190 kr for adults, 90 kr for children and youth. Remember to bring ticket to start.

Registration at Rønvik or Bodin before start 3rd of June: 240 kr / 120 kr.
Welcome to the mountains! Check bot.no or call 75 52 14 13 for more info!
Foto: Kristin Vinje