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Visiting address: Sandgata 3, 1. floor. Bodø.
Opening hours:   
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 1200 - 1500
Thursday: 1200 - 1700

Postal address:
      Box 751, N-8001 Bodø, Norway
Phone:                   +47 75 52 14 13

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For the convenience of all hikers
The Bodø Regional Hiking Association (Bodø og Omegns Turistforening, BOT)
has a network of a number of cabin sites, joined by 600 km of T-marked wilderness routes, primarily covering the eastern Saltfjellet mountains. This is a spectacularly scenic region of rolling fertile vallies and granite mountains. Although the possibilities for adventure within this area alone are vast, it is also possible to connect to the marked route and cabin networks of other hiking associations. 

The red T-markers you'll find located along the way help to assure you, but they are not sufficient to guide you. Therefore, it is imperative that you travel with a compass and good maps. This, of course, is even more critical if you are planning a skiing trip into the mountains, as all markers and points of reference will be snow covered. Skiers should also note that from mid October to late February the days are extremely short above the Arctic Circle (Polarsirkelen), with little or no daylight in December. The weather is highly unpredictable and it is strongly advised that you be well prepared for all eventualities, no matter what the season.